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About Joanna Sloan

About Joanna Sloan

USDF Silver Medalist

Training ~ Coaching ~ Shows ~ Sales ~ Massage Therapy


Patience, Care and Compassion                         

Training with an emphasis on cultivating a Positive and Playful attitude in horses and riders of all levels!

Joanna's compassionate and effective style of training is focused on advancing horses while preserving their naturally pleasant, inquisitive and playful nature.  Through groundwork, stable management and a clear training program, we are able to achieve harmony and success for both horse and rider.

Every horse has a unique personality and disposition.  Because of this, every horse needs to be trained differently.  This requires a unique trainer, with a wide range of experience and a wealth of knowledge.  Whether you want to train a young horse, or an older horse, you need expert guidance to effectively train your horse.  Joanna uses a positive approach to Dressage for horses of all breeds and riders of all levels.

Joanna has been riding for approximately twenty eight years now, she started her successful career as an event rider and then discovered her love for Dressage.  Joanna has been specializing in Dressage for nearly sixteen years now; which during this time she gained much of her early experience and knowledge working as an assistant for various trainers followed by several years training her own horses.  Joanna's unique approach to training and years of personal experience give her a gift for connecting with horses.  They respond to her almost immediately.  Joanna will teach you what you need to know to do the same for your horse.  Joanna will also make sure you have a chance to apply what you are learning throughout the process.

Joanna Sloan is proud to offer:

  • Private and group lessons

  • Customized training packages

  • Basic to advanced dressage training

  • Trailer-in lessons welcome

  • Clinics in your area

  • Coaching at shows

  • Competing clients horses

  • Helping clients find the perfect horse 

  • Behavioral modification and training               

  • Training for horses for all ages

  • Strengthening & reconditioning

  • Physical rehabilitation services

  • Equine massage therapy​

Upcoming Shows & Clinics

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