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Training & Coaching

Training & Coaching

Extend Yourself With...Joanna Sloan Dressage

In response to the individual needs of horses and riders, training programs are flexible and offer a wide range of options for both horse and rider.  All Breeds are welcome!  Monthly packages range from a minimum of one day of training per week to five days of training per week.  These days may be any combination of training rides and lessons.  A training session, on the average, is 45 minutes of work, depending upon the level of training and the physical condition of the horse.  Longevity of health, physically and mentally, is the goal of all training with Joanna.

Athletes, horses and riders alike, require tailored training programs and solutions to build effectively upon their individual talent, scope and desire. Accordingly, Joanna develops unique, fluid, and flexible training and development programs that are designed to cater to each horse and / or rider's particular needs.  Furthermore, training programs are constantly re-evaluated  according to each horse and / or rider's changing requirements.   
Just like the instruction of her students, Joanna stresses the correct basic foundation and dressage technique for all the horses she has in training.  Joanna creates tailored programs to help you achieve your goals with your horse and with your riding.  Joanna always relies on good solid training, no quick fixes - just hard work and good technique.

For a mature horse or rider, the typical work program is 5 days per week. Many owners prefer to ride on their own horses between lessons; they can choose how many times per week they would like to supplement their riding with a lesson or a training ride for their horse.  A systematic program includes the identification of realistic goals, the development of a plan to achieve these goals, and the physical and mental preparation of the horse and rider to meet these goals.  Consistent work combined with friendly, professional support help to make the process fun and rewarding for both horse and rider! 

Whether you are interested in recreational riding or competitive showing, Joanna is devoted to making you the best rider you can be. Individual lessons or lesson packages are available to meet your needs and schedule. Schooling at shows and hauling offered for an additional fee.

Joanna strives hard to keep her rates reasonable to each individual's needs and goals.  Please call or email for additional information and rates.  Joanna is accepting new clients on a limited basis.

Training Facilities

15030 East Chaparosa Way
Scottsdale, AZ 85262

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